Assault in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the main attack class, there tasked with pushing the attack forward. The Assault's primary weapon is a Assualt Rifle. then they like all classes can then choose from a number of hand guns and a tracer dart. The primary focus of the Assault class in to push the attack forward, clear out enemy buildings and keep their team supplied. For this job they can choose from a 40mm Grenade launcher, 40mm Smoke launcher and a 40mm Shotgun, they also have a Resupply Box which can be used to resupply friendly forces.


[edit] Assault Kit List

[edit] Primary Weapon

  • AEK-971 Vintovka
  • XM8 Prototype
  • F2000 Assault
  • STG.77 AUG
  • AN-94 Abakan
  • M416
  • M16A2

[edit] Gadgets

  • Ammo Box
  • 40MM Grenade
  • 40MM Smoke Launcher
  • 40MM Shotgun

[edit] Specializations

  • Red Dot Sight
  • 4X Rifle Scope
  • Marksman Assualt Rifle Training

[edit] All Kits

[edit] Weapons

  • M9 Pistol
  • WWII M1911 .45
  • MP-443 Grach
  • MP-412 Rex
  • Tracer Dart Gun
  • M93R Burst
  • WWII M1A1 Thompson
  • 870 Combat
  • Sagia 20k Semi
  • Spas-12 Combat
  • M14 Mod O Enhanced
  • Usas-12 Auto
  • Neostead 2000 Combat
  • G3
  • WWII M1 Garand (Only available to Battlefield Veterans)

[edit] Gadgets

  • Hand Grendae
  • Combat Knife

[edit] Specializations

  • Lightweight Combat Equipment
  • Ammo Hip Bandolier
  • Grenade Vest
  • Ceramic Body Armor
  • Magnum Ammunition
  • Improved Demolitions
  • Explosives Leg Pouch
  • 12 Gauge Slugs
  • Extended Shotgun Magazine

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