Assignments in Battlefield 3 are a series of class-focused tasks you must complete in order to unlock new weapons included with the Back to Karkand expansion. There are two assignments per class; once you complete one class assignment, another is unlocked. There are two unlockable guns per class, plus two unlockable all-kit weapons. Some of the assignments seem very difficult, but are in fact quite reasonable, if taken on with the advice on this page.


[edit] General tips

  • PC users will have an easier time completing assignments due to the higher player count, and the availability of 64 player Operation Metro. This setup is not officially supported; it typically devolves into two or three sets of teammates at two or three chokepoints fighting against the enemy for the duration of most or all of the round. As such, once gotten used to, is very useful for 'grinding' one's way through assignments (particularly the Recon and Support assignments) or unrelated unlocks. If you're on console, Metro and other maps like Damavand Peak or Grand Bazaar which are chokepoint-heavy can still be similarly useful in speeding up the process.
  • Playing on high ticket servers can be useful for the second set of assignments, which take longer to unlock. Search 'ticket' in the server browser to find high ticket servers.
  • While the goals within each assignment are geared toward a specific class, progress is made using any class where applicable (spot assists for example).
  • Customize your server browser filters per assignment. Some will be more easily obtained without 3D spotting and/or regen health, for example.
  • Perks will help with specific assignments, so choose carefully. If you need to do a lot of exploding, go with the Explosives perk (Squad Explosives, if you have it), unless a squadmate already has it equipped, then go with the next most applicable perk, if appropriate.

[edit] Best Friend Forever

Objectives: 10 Revives, 10 Heals
Unlock: FAMAS
Recommended perk: Sprint
Alternate perks: Frag, Covr, Flak
Recommended filters: Regen Health off, Friendly Fire on, Show minimap on

Simple enough: go Assault and make sure you have your medkit and equipped and are running the Sprint perk (you or a squadmate), then run around and revive fallen teammates (those guys with the squiggly line above their head and on the minimap), and drop medkits where groups of them are gathered. Drop medkits every few minutes, as they'll get used up quick if you're doing it properly. Stay behind the frontlines.

[edit] Professional Russian

Objectives: 100 kills with Assault Rifles, 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher, Win 5 rounds of SQDM
Unlock: L85A2
Recommended guns: FAMAS, AEK-971, F2000, M320
Recommended perks: Frag, Ammo, Sprint
Recommended filters: 3D spotting off, Friendly Fire off, Kill Cam off, Regen Health on

It's best to complete this one almost entirely in Squad Deathmatch mode, as by the time you win the five rounds, you'll likely have 100 Assault Rifle kills. A low ticket server is recommended to speed up the process considerably. Note as of December 2011, the mode is somewhat broken; if you find yourself not in a squad, try switching teams to be put in one (this sometimes works). The grenade launcher kills should be had on a chokepoint-heavy map.

[edit] Fixing It

Objectives: 10 Repairs, Kill 1 Enemy with Repair Torch
Unlock: G53
Recommended guns: SCAR-H
Recommended gadgets: M15 AT Mine, EOD Bot
Recommended perks: Flak, Sprint
Alternate perks: Expl, Covr
Recommended filters: Only Squad Leader Spawn off, Vehicles on, Friendly fire off, Regen Health on, Show HUD on, Show Minimap on

Repairing is the easy part: when you see a friendly vehicle or gadget on screen busted up or about to get busted up, run toward it and break out the repair tool. Killing an enemy with it is another story: you'll have to be sneaky and/or quick. Try flanking the enemy and getting them with it from behind; if you see a single enemy on your minimap or on screen, make a run for it. It's far from an instant kill weapon, so do your best to get them while they're totally unaware of your presence. Alternately, engage from the side or behind while other teammates have a series of enemies locked in a firefight.

[edit] It Goes Boom!

Objectives: 50 AT rocket kills, Destroy 1 enemy vehicle with Repair Torch, Win 5 rounds of Conquest
Unlock: QBZ-95B
Recommended perk: Expl
Alternate perks: Flak
Recommended filters: Conquest, Game mode rotation off, Only Squad Leader Spawn off, Vehicles on, Friendly fire off, Regen Health on, Show HUD on, Show Minimap on, Use 3D spotting on

The rocket kills must be with the RPG, SMAW, or Javelin. In the case of the first two, the kills can be against infantry or vehicles. If you go this route, go for a chokepoint heavy map like Operation Metro. The Javelin route is more fun and quick, though, if you can get a good squad together willing to coordinate with SOFLAM, Javelin, and ammo packs, as you'll take out multiple enemies every other time you take down an enemy vehicle -- just be sure you have a good spot, like a rooftop, and at least one person watching the ladder (if only occasionally).

The repair tool objective seems the most impossible out of them all, but is in fact quite easy. The trick here is gadgets count as vehicles, so there's no need to risk your life over and over again in a futile attempt at taking out a tank with your repair tool. Simply track down an enemy spawn beacon, T-UGS, or SOFLAM, and hit it with the repair tool. Mortar has been said to count as well.

The Conquest objective should be obvious by now, but if you happen to be new to the mode or simply aren't very good at it, the key is to capture points by hanging out near or on them and making sure you always have more points captured than the enemy. If you don't, head out with squadmates and/or teammates to make sure you do, then defend your held objectives to bleed the enemies tickets dry until you win. Having more teammates with you on the objective will cap it faster.

[edit] Let It Rain

Objectives: 20 kills with LMGs, 2 mortar kills
Unlock: QBB-95
Recommended gun: M249, PKP Pecheneg, M240B
Recommended perk: Supr
Alternate perks: Covr
Recommended filters: Rush, Friendly fire off, Regen Health on, 3D spotting on, Use minimap spotting on, Show minimap on

Hit up a chokepoint-heavy map like Operation Metro or Damavand Peak and get to shootin'. Mortar, if you're not familiar, should be deployed in a safe zone not too close or far from the enemy; in Rush, have your eye near the objectives at all times. Fire off a shot wherever you see a red triangle or vehicle not moving, and you should have this objective accomplished in no time.

[edit] Keep Your Head Down

Objectives: 100 kills with LMGs, 50 Suppression Assists, 50 Ammo Resupplies
Unlock: MG36
Recommended gun: M249, PKP Pecheneg, M240B
Recommended perk: Supr
Alternate perks: Covr
Recommended filters: Rush, Friendly fire off, Regen Health on, 3D spotting on, Use minimap spotting on, Show minimap on

Similar story as with the previous assignment, except you should be hanging around in front of objectives or near them, LMG ready to go, and ammo kits dropped wherever nearby teammates need them (icons will show up on the minimap and on screen). As with the medkits, be sure to drop them wherever a group of teammates are engaged in a firefight. Your reward will be arguably the finest LMG in the game.

[edit] Specops

Objectives: 20 kills with sniper rifles, 5 laser desginations
Unlock: QBU-88
Recommended guns: SV98, M40A5, M98B, SKS
Recommended perks: Covr/Sprint
Recommended filters: Conquest, Vehicles on, 3D spotting on

The Cover spec is recommended if you prefer to hang back for your kills; if you like playing forward Recon with a semiautomatic rifle, go with Sprint.

Laser designations are made with the SOFLAM gadget. Simply set this up on a rooftop or high rock somewhere and have it cover as much air and ground as possible. At this point you can run off and get your rifle kills while the SOFLAM works automatically, or you can find a nice hidey-hole, access the SOFLAM remotely, and manually move it around to get the designations more quickly. Note the point of designations is for heat seeking weapons like jet missiles and Javelin to more easily reach their target, and with more damage.

[edit] Creeping Death

Objectives: 50 headshots, 50 spot assists, 5 knife takedowns
Unlock: L96
Recommended guns/gadgets: SV98, M40A5, M98B, SKS, AS VAL, MAV, T-UGS
Recommended perk: Ammo/Sprint
Recommended filters: 3D spotting on, off (on for headshots and spot assists; off for knife takedowns), Kill cam off, minimap spotting on/off (on for headshots and spot assists; off for knife takedowns), Regen health on

Headshots are most quickly obtained on 64 player Metro with the AS VAL; if this isn't an option, it's best to go to a chokepoint-heavy map with a bolt action rifle.

Spot assists are very easily obtained on 64 player Metro (simply hover the MAV around any chokepoint and hit the spot button regularly), on any version of Damavand Peak, or on any Rush map (just lay down the T-UGS) out of sight near an objective.

Knife takedowns are more tricky, greatly aided by the Sprint perk. Be sure to flank the enemy as much as possible and attempt to get behind them. Another potentially viable method is to hang out near the objective on Rush; when the enemy goes to arm, introduce him to your shiny friend. Note you must be behind an enemy or on their side to get the knife takedown, as opposed to the generic knife kill, which requires a few swipes.

[edit] Familiar Territory

Objectives: Arm 10 MCOMs, Capture 10 flags, Play 2 hours on Karkand
Unlock: PP-19
Recommended perk: Sprint
Alternate perk: Frag
Recommended filters: Regen health on

This is the first assignment you should go for, as the assignment it unlocks features objectives which will mostly see completion as you chase other assignments.

After you're sure the area near the MCOM is clear or mostly clear, run in and arm away. If your team or squad is covering the MCOM, run over to the other (take the long route) if it's still there and arm that too while the enemy is distracted attempting to make it to the first armed objective. Do the same if any of your teammates arm an objective.

Capturing flags goes more quickly if you're with others, and you're more likely to survive if you stick with your squad, so get in with a good one and run around capping like crazy. As with MCOMs, be sure the area is clear first.

The 2 hours objective must be done on Strike at Karkand.

[edit] Scarred Veteran

Objectives: 10 kills with PP-19, 5 kills in DPV jeep, 10 kills in BTR-90 IFV, Play 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula, Play 2 hours on Gulf of Oman
Unlock: MK3A1
Recommended gun/gadget: PP-19, Repair tool
Recommended perk: Covr
Recommended filters: Gulf of Oman (DPV), Sharqi, Gulf of Oman (BTR), Vehicles on, Regen health on, 3D spotting off, Kill cam off, 3p Vehicle cam on, Use minimap spotting on

The PP-19 kills will come easy, particularly because it's one of the finest all-kit weapons.

For the DPV kills, it's recommended to play Gulf of Oman exclusively, and spawn at B (Olive Fort) when possible, grab the DPV there (wait for it to spawn if it's not there), and drive all around the map looking for red triangles on the map. When you find one, run his ass over. It can be difficult to do; simply do your best to make sure you run directly over him and don't clip him (though clipping occasionally works too). Do not do this with tanks around, for obvious reasons.

The BTR spawns at deployment on Sharqi Peninsula, and also at objectives E and D on Gulf of Oman. If you've got them, equip Belt Speed, Coaxial LMG, Thermal Optics, and Proximity Scan as you prefer (Thermal Optics is strongly advised), and get to taking out infantry. You should be able to rack up the 10 kills in no time, whether you're driving and gunning or just playing gunner while someone else does the driving.

Your reward: one of the game's most enjoyable shotguns.

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