Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company
Bad Company Boxart.jpg
DeveloperDigital Illusions
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release DatesNA - June 23rd, 2008
AUS - June 26th, 2008
EU - June 27th, 2008
JP- June 26th, 2008
PlatformsPS3, XBOX 360
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Battlefield: Bad Company is a story rich game dropping the player into a squad of four on a quest for riches and revenge in the middle of a Eurasian conflict. Bad Company allows players to choose how they want to play with sandbox-esque game play similar to their multiplayer. Strategies can be developed on the fly in an almost entirely destructible environment.

The defining feature of the Bad Company game, in addition to the (then) new Frostbite engine for stunning graphics, include 24 player online multiplayer, almost completely destructible environments, and all the equipment needed for immersive gun play such as vehicles on the ground and in the air or sea.

[edit] Plot

The player assumes the role of Private Preston Marlowe in the B Company of the 222nd Army Battalion, commonly referred to as Bad Company. Joining Marlowe are Private Terrence Sweetwater, Private George Gordon Haggard, and Sergeant Samuel D. Redford, the leader of the small group.

[edit] Gameplay

Battlefield Bad Company is controlled by Pvt Preston Marlowe, New to the series is that buildings and other structures and foliage are now destructible (although the support beams and stairs remain indestructible). The player has a big arsenal of heavy and light vehicles that can range from jeeps to Russian hinds and tanks that can be used at the player's will, thanks to the new Frostbite engine graphics become more realistic and less pixelated it also supports the wide scale damage. The big maps of the series brings sandbox gameplay in to use as the player may roam around the map and look for collectibles and vehicles. Plane warfare has been removed from the game completely. The game supports online play also the game received a sequel Battlefield Bad Company 2

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