Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Bad Company 2 Boxart.jpg
DeveloperDICE Stockholm
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release DatesNA - March 2nd, 2010
AUS - March 4th, 2010
EU - March 5th, 2010
PlatformsPS3, XBOX 360 & PC
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the direct sequel to the original Battlefield: Bad Company. Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released on March 2nd, 2010 in the United States and on March 5th, 2010 in Europe. It sold 2.3 million copies world wide, which made it the best selling video game of March 2010. The player commands Private Preston Marlowe, as in the original game, and battles along side Private Terrence Sweetwater, Private George Gordon Haggard, and the squad leader Sergeant Samuel D. Redford.

Blood is now present in the game along with heavy amounts of bad language. Unlike in the original, where vehicles were scattered around the maps, free to use, Bad Company 2 players are limited in access to them and driving a vehicle is usually a part of the current objective. The Campaign of Bad Company 2 is split up into 13 missions, which see the player control every thing from Tanks to UAV's. There are many unique environments through the game, such as tropical rain forests to high above the mountains. Whole buildings can now be toppled creating advantage points for the player, while also flushing out any enemies that lie in the building. Helicopter control is now more realistic as you can't go on to 3rd person mode while in control of a UAV or hind.


[edit] Gameplay

similar to the previous bad company You are put in the shoes of pvt Preston Marlow alongside allies Haggard, Sweetwater and Sgt Redford. The game still keeps its traditional humor although this game is much more serious and darker and one main character is killed. blood is now officially present which could not be preformed in the last bad company and wide scale destruction now every single bit of the building can be demolished and there is better rag doll physics when you kill a enemy. Now a much more variety of maps is present as you fight in deserts, tropical rain forests snowy villages and mountain peaks, collectibles are now put to better use, if you find one collectible it will now be included in your ammunition and weapon selection box on the maps.

[edit] Development

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was developed by EA DICE Stockholm and published by Electronic Arts. Bad Company 2 is powered by an upgraded version of the Frostbite Engine, the same that was used for Battlefield: Bad Company. This more advanced engine uses Frostbite Destruction 2.0 which allows for greater destructibility on the battlefield. The game now features more vehicles such as quad bikes and the UAV, quad bikes are mainly used for reconnaissance and The UAV appears only in one mission were you have to destroy static gun points, You cannot go in to 3rd person mode while controlling a UAV.

[edit] Plot

The game starts off with a secret World War 2 mission, codenamed Operation Aurora. You are part of a four man squad infiltrating an island controlled and dominated by the Japanese navy. You and your squad meet up with a Japanese scientist who was working on the "Black Weapon", codenamed Aurora. Halfway through, a bass note resonates through the mission, and it is now time for you and your squad to fight your way to a submarine, and leave. On leaving, however, the weapon activates, and causes a tsunami which destroys the submarine.

The next mission is set in present day, with the familiar faces of Preston Marlowe, Haggard, Sweetwater, and Sergeant Redford. You are behind enemy lines in Russia, trying to find a weapon similar to the one that killed you in the first mission. After fighting off waves of enemies, the device found turns out to be fake. After being commended on your work, you are sent on yet another mission, by an Army General.

This time, your mission is to infiltrate Bolivia and contact an 'Agent Aguire'. After fighting through what seems to be a private army, you save Agent Aguire, and you and your squad are told that the information you need is on a satellite, which is controlled by a station in the Andes.

Sweetwater manages to crash it, and after fighting your way to the crash site, your squad defends it from a Russian Counter-attack. Marlowe finds the data server, and in the midst of a blizzard, makes his way down to the bottom of the mountain, avoiding Russian patrols as he proceeds. He is extracted by the others, and meets with Aguire again.

During the extraction, Aguire informs the squad of the mastermind behind the new weaponry, Arkady Kirilenko. The squad met him in Russia, but failed to kill him. He is thought to be hiding in Chile, and, accompanied by the US military, the squad moves to intercept him. He escapes, leaving several documents behind. One of these is a shipping charter for the Sangre del Toro, an abandoned ship.

The squad position themselves at several stations around the desert where the ship is supposed to be, and pinpoint its location. Inside the ship, Marlowe finds a chemical agent which is crucial to the operation of the weapon. He also discovers the true motives behind Operation Aurora, to waste American lives to find out the true power of the weapon.

When the squad try to regroup with Aguire in Colombia, the helicopter is shot down, and the squad become separated. They regroup, evading the local militia, and Redford gives Aguire the chemical agent, only to find out that Aguire was working with Kirilenko the whole time. Aguire is the son of one of the original commandos on Operation Aurora, and he wants revenge against the US government for sending his father to his death. Despite this, Kirilenko kills Aguire. Flynn, the helicopter pilot the squad was working with, flies in and rescues the squad, at the cost of his own life.

Soon after, while the squad are mourning Flynn, Marlowe hears Kirilenko's voice from a nearby guard's radio. He kills the guard, and the squad make their way towards a large city. They fight their way to a runway, where a large aircraft, supposedly housing the weapon they have been searching for all this time, is ready to take off. A powerful EMP is released, destroying all electronics in the city, apart from the aircraft itself, at Ground Zero. With military equipment everywhere in the city failing, and helicopters crashing from the air, all the squad apart from Marlowe becomes de-moralised. Marlowe encourages them to infiltrate the aircraft, just before it takes off.

After struggling to reach the cockpit, they find it empty. Kirilenko is where the machine is housed, ready to set it off and destroy the US mains, effectively destroying America's capability to withstand an invasion. The squad destroy the weapon with C4 from the on-board stores, which cause the aircraft to plummet from the sky. The squad makes its way to a door off the aircraft, and they all jump out with parachutes. Just before Marlowe gets the final parachute off Sweetwater, however, Kirilenko appears and tackles Sweetwater out of the aircraft, with the last parachute. Marlowe then jumps out as well, and kills Kirilenko in free fall. Sweetwater then gives him the parachute.

Upon landing in Texas, the squad are all satisfied that what should be their last mission was over. The Army General they met before turns up, however, and informed them of their duty in a new war, where Russia has attacked the US through Alaska. The story mode ends at that point, with a satellite image of Russian forces moving through Alaska.

[edit] Reception

Review Scores
Site Score
IGN PC8.9/10
Aggregation Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 88
GameRankings 88.7%

The game was giving wide critical acclaim from not only neoseeker, but many other gaming websites such as IGN or Gamestop. Praised for good, realistic graphics, drivable vehicles and destructible environments, it was mainly criticized by its campaign. The game is a successful competitor towards Infinity ward's Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

[edit] Multiplayer

The multiplayer is a team based , tactical FPS promoting team work through the use of Squads. There are 4 classes which the player can choose form when spawning, they are Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Each class contains class specific weapons, gadgets and specializations, as well as some all class weapons. There is a total of 8 maps not including DLC (downloadable content)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Downloadable Content

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