Battlefield: Heroes

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Battlefield Heroes
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DeveloperEasy Studios
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformWindows (PC)
Release Date(s)June 25th 2009
GenreCasual Online Shooter
RatingPEGI 16
WebsiteBattlefield Heroes
Other WebsitesEAsy Studios
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[edit] What is Battlefield Heroes?

Battlefield Heroes is an online 3rd person cartoon shooter that takes the realistic and gritty Battlefield™ series and turns it upside down to create a fun and chaotic spin-off.

Announced back in 2006 and developed by industry veterans that worked at DICE, Battlefield Heroes was to be EA's experimental and successful first step within the Free to Play market.

During 2009, DICE announced their departure from the project but in name only, the developers that moved from DICE to what is now known as EAsy Studios are still working on the game.

Heroes sets itself out from the crowd by taking war and making it comical and casual but at the same time competitive, leaving anyone with any experience and skill or players new to shooters to create an account and jump into the fun. The game shifts the focus from large player counts like its bigger brothers and brings the fight up close and personal with 16 players, 8 v 8.

The biggest feature of Heroes is the insane amount of customisation that leaves every Hero looking unique. Customisation can be found in the clothing items, weapons, widgets, abilities and emotes.

[edit] Milestones

Battlefield Heroes currently celebrates the following milestones:

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