Battlefield 3 Features list

Battlefield 3 has a long list of appealing features for fans old and new. The most important bits: four classes, 64-player matches (on PC), a new engine which pushes the limits of consoles and PCs, a single player and co-op campaign, vehicles, prone, spotting, Rush, and destruction.

Feature list

The following are confirmed features:

  • Modern era
  • 64/24-player multiplayer (PC/consoles)
  • Four classes
  • Single player and co-op campaign
  • Land, sea and air vehicles (jets confirmed)
  • Prone (all platforms)
  • Bullet drop (same for all guns, deeper system than BC2)
  • Knives
  • Dog tags
  • Spotting (WIP, 2D minimum, balanced 3D ideal)
  • Friendly fire (optional)
  • Highly dynamic, varied, and destructible environments (most everything is destructible)
  • Locations: Europe, Middle-East (Tehran, Sulaymaniyah) and North America
  • Customization system
  • More unlocks than in Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Some of the following confirmed technical features apply only to the PC version:
  • Dynamic radiosity and particle lighting (new lighting system, high quality but not costly, single lighting 'probe' has more info than an entire BC2 level, more advanced on PC)
  • Rewritten object culling system (object culling refers to objects rendered only when visible, which improves performance)
  • New animation system ("ANT") borrowed from EA Sports label (greatly improved animation, separate animations for AI and multiplayer)
  • Full DirectX 11 support
  • 3D support (explicit 3D stereo rendering for NVIDIA and AMD setups)
  • Multicore optimization
  • Multithreading support (more variation, detail, improved load times, smoother performance)
  • Compute shader support (more dynamic light sources, richer environments, better performance)
  • Deferred rendering
  • HDR
  • Tessellation (more detailed and more realistically rendered objects)
  • Audio captured from realistic sources for maximum realism as always, improved (brighter, less noisy, easier to locate footsteps, gunfire, etc., more accurate portrait of war)
  • Superior motion blur, morphological anti-aliasing via DirectX 11/DirectCompute (PC only)

Possible features

The following features are under consideration or have been tested but are not confirmed:

  • Kill-cam (optional)
  • Battle recorder
  • Mod tools (post-release)
  • Multiple monitor support

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