Engineer in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 serves as the Anti Vehicle class. The Engineer's primary weapon is a silenced sub machine gun, they like all classes can then choose from a number of hand guns and a tracer dart. The main focus of the Engineer is to eliminate enemy vehicle's so for this job they can carry a Rocket Launcher or Anti Tank Mines, they are also tasked with the job of repairing friendly vehicle's using the Repair Tool.


[edit] Engineer Kit List

[edit] Primary Weapon

[edit] Gadgets

[edit] Specializations

[edit] All Kits

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Gadgets

[edit] Specializations

  • Lightweight Combat Equipment
  • Ammo Hip Bandolier
  • Grenade Vest
  • Ceramic Body Armor
  • Magnum Ammunition
  • Improved Demolitions
  • Explosives Leg Pouch
  • 12 Gauge Slugs
  • Extended Shotgun Magazine

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