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This page is dedicated to strategy and tips in all forms for Battlefield 3, namely divided into text and video sections.


[edit] General tips

  • Spot everything forever, and spot before you kill (Q on PC; select/back on console).
  • If you are first on the list in your squad and have a star next to your name, this means you are a squad leader. As such, you MUST mark objectives (Q on PC; back/select on console) to inform your squadmates of where to go. It also racks up plenty of points for you and your entire squad each time you attack or defend the marked objective.
  • Team play is key. If you're playing lone wolf, you'll always do worse than those playing with the team. Perform as many support actions as possible (handing out ammo, spotting, etc) in addition to kills, and stick with your squad for even additional squad support points.
  • Die with your tank. Getting out of it usually means your enemy killing you, stealing your tank, repairing it, and running off with it.
  • Tank drivers should always have repair tool equipped and ready to go; the gunner should always be looking out for infantry and mines. If your tank gets busted up, the driver should hop out and repair while the gunner fights off enemy engineers and support.
  • When you exit a vehicle, you exit in the direction you are facing. So, if you want to exit via the back of the tank to repair and avoid being shot by oncoming enemy fire in front, face backwards first, then exit.
  • There's little time to revive teammates, so the Sprint spec is recommended if you go with the Defib.
  • BF3 supports bullet drop, meaning your bullets and missiles will 'fall' over time -- the longer the distance of your shot, the bigger the drop. Aim accordingly.
  • Hide lasers and flashlights with T / up arrow when far from the enemy to avoid drawing attention to yourself, and when near teammates to avoid blinding them. If near teammates and the enemy, find a spot out of the way of your teammates, or flank the enemy.
  • Use the various fire modes (V / down arrow) for short, medium, and long distances, respectively.
  • Mortars can shoot smoke (hit '2' on PC or right on the D-pad on console).
  • AT mines can be destroyed with rifle bullets, frag rounds, shotgun slugs, or explosives. They can also be disarmed by Engineers.
  • AT mines persist after death, but only 6 can be placed at once (dropping new ones will remove old ones).
  • You can kill with the defib -- simply hold the button down and aim for the upper chest area.
  • Ammo and medpacks stick to vehicles when thrown at them. Be sure to throw one on for potential crazy points.
  • Hit the prone or crouch button as soon as you are revived if you want to be revived in that position (and avoid enemy fire).
  • Mobile spawns disappear each time you spawn on them.
  • If you are revived before you are able to select your kit, deaths won't count.
  • Counter mortar with the Flak/Squad Flak spec and suppressors.
  • N key on PC will make the minimap zoom in/out; M provides a larger view, which is especially handy for when piloting air vehicles.
  • The AMTRAC serves as a mobile spawn for your whole team, so keep it alive at all costs, and do NOT drive it directly into the heat of battle.
  • The AMTRAC is equipped with smoke by default, so use it when being locked, or when you need heavy cover for repairs.
  • Using the M320 smoke launcher is an effective way to provide cover while reviving a large or small number of teammates. It's generally advised enemies are at mid-range, however.
  • Spot everything forever, and spot before you kill.

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Extensive jet guide

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