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Rush mode sees attacking and defending teams of 24 (console) or 32 (PC) players squaring off against each other in scaled down maps.

For attackers, the objective is to find and blow up two MCOMs (large devices) at a time, repeatedly until all MCOMs are gone. For defenders, the objective is to hold off the attackers and bleed them of tickets (lives) until they have none left and can no longer attempt to blow up the MCOMs.

Battlefield 3 features several important tweaks to Rush over Battlefield: Bad Company 2:

  • Explosives will not damage MCOMs (C4 and Claymores are still useful against defenders, though)
  • Destruction 2.0 can no longer take out MCOMs
  • If attackers arm then run out of tickets, the MCOM will continue to go off until disarmed or detonated
  • Disarming just before an MCOM is about to explode will temporarily prevent the explosion, unless the player disarming is killed, in which case it will explode instantly

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